• A Circular Economy
    Innovation Lab

  • We're developing insights that will help humanity transition to the circular economy

    "Our mission is to accelerate the transition to the circular economy"


  • "Entrepreneurs will be the key custodians in leading the transition to a circular economy

    business model and closing the loop on dwindling resources."

    -Hermann Erdmann, CEO, REDISA

  • We are experimenting in two categories


    Creating breakthroughs in new methods, products, and services for the circular economy.

    Business Models

    Testing new business model scenarios that support profitability and paradigm shifts.

  • CoFounders Crunch's lab is dedicated to positively impacting the circular economy through the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship



    What is the circular economy?


    "Think of an economy no longer reliant on raw materials. An economy without waste and with full dedication to renewable energy, renewable resources, and high-grade recycling." -EY


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